Farm Stand 

Our farm stand is located at the front of our property, which falls in Centennial park in Saanichton BC. Items for sale will vary by season. For an updated photo of what is for sale, please see our Twitter feed.

Fresh Free Range Roasting Chickens 

Each roasting chicken is usually between 5 and 9 lbs, priced by total weight.  These are a “Label Rouge” style of pasture meat chicken that are grain-fed, antibiotic free and allowed to roam on pasture all day long.


Mistral Gris (“Mee-strahl Gree”) are a Label Rouge style of pasture meat bird.  Label Rouge is a production method based on an approved specification that is respectful of animal welfare and protects the environment. Chickens are reared using traditional, free-range production methods . These production methods ensure the poultry’s welfare and protect the environment whilst producing poultry meat with superior  properties.