We purchased our 5 acre farm in early 2017 as a foreclosure. Once an immaculate, award-winning kennel, the property had fallen into a state of extreme disrepair and the home didn’t have working heat or septic.

With help from friends and family, we cleaned up tons of garbage, cleared blackberries, tamed laurel hedges, and restored the orchard. In addition to adding fruit and nut trees, we have added fields of organic blueberries, raspberries and beneficial plants and have built over 70 raised beds in which we grow organic produce and flowers.

In 2018 (on Canada Day) we set up our first farm stand at the south end of our property, which falls beside a trail in Centennial Park. Although only accessible by foot, this stand is where the majority of our produce and eggs are sold! A second stand, at the end of our driveway, was built the following year.


The 40′ greenhouse was one of the first farming additions to the property.

Sailor and Soldier

Our two Bengals keep the rats under control. Unfortunately, due to poor breeding, Sailor lost his sight before he turned 2. However, he is still able to hunt and find his way around the farm.


Our alpacas need about 100 bales of hay a year. We purchase hay grown on the peninsula.

Saanich Fair

We did very well at our first Saanich Fair!


The stand decorated for Halloween.

New Beds

Filling some new raised beds.