Heading to the farm stands with cucumbers, garlic, beans and tomatoes
Apples are almost ready to pick
Freshly picked cucumbers, mini cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, beans and strawberries
Garlic drying in the sun before it is moved to the shade to dry and cure.
Snow peas have a very short season. Get them while they last!
Spring lettuce is the most tender.
Intensely planted garlic in a raised bed.
Spring in the greenhouse
Seed potatoes drying before being planted.
A load of pumpkins going out to the stands.
Waiting for the first of the strawberries.
We brought 3200 lbs of apples to Sea Cider and also had plenty for the stands.
Purple plums are fantastic fresh or dried
Satsuma cherry tomatoes
Some of the first Long English cucumbers we ever grew on the farm